About our cheese

About Our History

Comes from Ilgaz safely...

We are opening new page in the Cheese world. It is a delicious trip! Our direction is towards DOĞA... A journey that goes after the legendary cheeses... We started this journey from cheese land Ezine. Now we serve the milk that we produce in our farms in Çatalca and Lüleburgaz, we handle in our factory in Kastamonu and present it to the whole world.

Local cheeses with all our riches ...

The world's best local cheeses made from natural milk, our culture with all kinds... The cheese varieties made in every corner of our country add different tastes to our food world. Different tastes, regional cheeses with different aromas are our historical heritage for centuries. All the cheeses that are indispensable for our breakfasts are our kitchen values.

What comes to mind when we say cheese is that we will present them to our customers. Protect all kinds of cheese to be forgotten. Cheese will be more in our lives. We will create flavors to be consumed in the morning, noon, evening and always.

Legendary Cheeses

Our Direction Is Towards DOĞA...

A Journey That Goes After The Legendary Cheeses... We Started This Journey From Cheese Land Ezine.

Now We Serve The Milk That We Produce In Our Farms In Çatalca And Lüleburgaz, We Handle In Our Factory In Kastamonu And Present It To The Whole World.